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Accessibility Unit

The Accessibility Unit – the Office of the Dean of Students.
The Hebrew University seeks to afford all students with special needs the appropriate conditions to allow them to complete their studies and realize their potential. The goal of this unit is to provide students with special needs the opportunity to enjoy all university services, programs and activities. The unit provides information and assistance in every way to students with special needs.

Services of the Accessibility Unit:

  • Responds to questions and issues regarding accessibility.
  • Assists with self-advocacy for students with special needs.
  • Refers students to additional services available at the university such as the Unit for the Advancement of Students with Learning Differences, Supported Education–The Support Program for Students with Mental Health and Emotional Issues, the Learning Center for the Blind, and the Counseling Services.
  • Provides information about rights and assistance for people with special needs from various public bodies and NGOs operating in the community.
  • Recommends academic accommodations for students with special needs.
Students interested in making use of the Accessibility Unit are required to present a letter from their physician. Likewise, we recommend you attach a report detailing the effect that your special needs have on your ability to function.
With best wishes,

Michal Tabakman, Coordinator for Accessibility Issues

Mt. Scopus Campus, Resnick Dormitory, Bldg. 10, Room 109

Tel. 02-588-0118, Cell 054-882-0680

*Please note: The font on this page is enlarged for the benefit of the visually impaired.
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