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The Unit for Learning Disabilities

The Unit for Diagnosis and Support for Students with Learning Disabilities at the Hebrew University is part of the student support services operating at the Office of the Dean of Students. The unit counsels, assists and supports students with learning disabilities or with attention and/or hyperactivity disorders to be successful in the course of their academic careers.
The unit offers an accepting, supporting and understanding environment for students with learning disabilities and believes that by getting support and professional guidance, students with learning disabilities can improve their academic skills, become independent learners, capable of fully realizing their potential.
The unit provides a wide range of services likely to be needed by students with learning disabilities: learning disorders diagnosis, test accommodations for psychometric entrance test and higher education, counseling, guidance and ongoing support.

The unit operates three centers:

1. Mt. Scopus: Resnick Dorms, Bldg. 10 (entrance level, on the left)

2. Edmond J. Safra Campus (Givat Ram): The faculty cabin (near the students' lounge)

3. Rehovot: The counseling services cabin (near the Hankin Gate)
The Staff of the Unit:

Director: Yehudit (Diti) Danan

Director of Diagnostic Center: Keren Golombowicz

Workshop, Mentoring Project (PERACH) and Peer Mentoring Project (LESEHM) Coordinator: Yael Mazar

Technology Coordinator: Dina Yosef

Edmond J. Safra Campus Coordinator (Givat Ram): Yarden Dody

Faculty of Agriculture Coordinator: Shirley Hershko

Attention Diagnosis Coordinator: Yael Ashkenazi

About Us