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Dean of Students Office, Frank Sinatra Bldg., Mount Scopus, Jerusalem
The Dean of Students Office initiates and coordinates the activities intended to further the welfare of the students as members of the University community. The office provides assistance in solving personal, social and economic problems in the student's life and provides the link needed to facilitate the interaction between students and different academic and administrative units of the University. The office handles the ties between .the University and the Students Union and oversees the activities of the student cells, which deal with social and political activity.
The Dean of Students Office incorporates the following units: The Unit for Social Involvement, Student Dormitories and Counseling Services.
The Office is headed by the Dean Prof.Udi Shavit
and the Associate Dean Ms. Susie Seligmann (Tel. 972-2-5882355. Fax. 972-2-5812738).
Ms. Diana Daniel Shrem is the Director of the Unit for Social Involvement
(Tel. 972-2-5882366. Fax 972-2-5812738).
Mr. Adrian Kremer  is the Director of the Students Dormitories (Tel. 972-2-5881539. Fax 972-2-5882992.
Dr. Eyal Eliash is the Director of the Psycological Services(Tel. 972-2-5882685 Fax 972-2-5817212).
Ms. Yehudit Danan is the head of center of diagnostic and support for students with learning disabilities (Tel. 972-2-5882685. Fax 972-2-5817212).
Ms.Naama Shoham is the Accessibility coordinator of the Accessibility unit (Tel. 972-2-5880118. Mobile 972-5-48820680).
About Us