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The Unit for Social Activism

Dear Students,

Student involvement and activism in the Unit for Social Activism takes place in the following settings:
All of the proposed activities are operated on the basis on the understanding that the educational, social and economic gaps in Israeli society are extreme, even more so than the gaps in American society, and that therefore the students, their generation's leaders in just another few years, are invited to participate in the reflection, discussion, clarification and action on behalf of social change and a more equitable society founded on the values of justice and social rights.
We know that you will find the unit a framework for serious social activism and involvement through which you will be able to make a contribution and join others in an effort to deepen and develop social awareness and sensitivity for the disadvantaged segments of the Israeli population.
We thank you for contacting the unit and wish you the best of luck.

Ours is an open door policy, so do not hesitate to ask, find out, or make a suggestion.

Please note: You may take part in a single project, whether in the unit or in the context of the Mentoring Project (PERACH).
With best wishes,

Diana Daniel Shrem, Director of the Unit for Social Involvement and Activism

About Us