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Psychological Counseling Services

The Hebrew University Student Psychological Counseling Service

Since 1979 the Student Psychological Counseling Service has been a Ministry of Health licensed institution for the practical training of M.A. students in clinical psychology and B.A. and M.A. students in social work.

The primary work of the counseling service is to provide psychological services to students.

The service is varied, and every student is referred to the channel s/he is interested in and where s/he will receive the maximum amount of benefit.
  1. Dynamic treatment: long-term treatment that may extend beyond a single treatment year, usually comprised of c35 sessions. Cost per session for the student: NIS 160.
  2. Emergency treatment: for crises. The crisis team is on call to deal with students needing treatment in times of crisis. Such treatment usually consists of about 8 sessions.
  3. Anxiety: the anxiety team focuses on referrals because of various issues of anxiety such as testing anxiety, phobias, generalized anxiety, OCD, and more. Treatment is usually cognitive-behavioral, and lasts up to 14 sessions. At times, the counseling service offers workshops on specific issues connected to coping with anxiety.
  4. Group therapy: lasts some 35 sessions throughout the year. Cost per session – NIS 90. Treatment may go beyond a single treatment year.
  5. In addition, the counseling service offers couples therapy, therapy for adolescents, and therapy for parents of adolescents.
About Us