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The Sara and Simha Lainer Family Beit Midrash programs offer Hebrew University students access to a fulfilling Jewish learning experience outside their formal University studies. The Beit Midrash program enables students to strengthen their Jewish knowledge, identity and commitment to Jewish values, and to gain a deeper spiritual understanding of the world in which they live. Through enriching programs and lectures on such topics as Torah, Talmud, Halacha, Jewish Thought and philosophy, the Beit Midrash program is open to all students — male and female, religious and secular.


For more information on the Beit Midrash programs and activities, contact the Coordinator of Religious Affairs, Arie Salomon, Tel: 02-5883886 or 02-5883886, Hecht Synagogue, Mt. Scopus Campus, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem.      
  Students (female and male) who are willing to plan and conduct activities of a Jewish nature for the general public at the University, as well as to organize a community centered around the Synagogue and Beit Midrash. Those willing to participate in the committee, volunteers who are active in the University community, should contact us.


Students who are interested in Shabbat hospitality should get in touch in advance in order to coordinate their visit with the hosting families.
Synagogues and Prayer Times
On each campus there is a synagogue open to the public – prayer services will be held provided that enough men arrive.
Mount Scopus:
Hecht Synagogue in the Humanities Building, Gush 3
Mincha: 13:20pm, 14:10pm, 16:10pm,
18:10pm (summer – mincha / winter arvit)
Arvit: 20:10pm
Synagogue in the Reznik dormitory complex, Building 8, ground floor
Shacharit: 7:00pm
Arvit: 22:00pm
(responsibility of the students)
Edmond J.Safra (Givat Ram):
Goldstein Synagogue
Shacharit: 7:00am,
Arvit: 22:00pm in the dormitories Building 9 (responsibility of the students)
Mincha: 13:30pm, 16:00pm in the National Library, second floor In addition, in the Administration Building and in the Chemistry Building
Synagogue in the dormitories Shacharit: 7:00am Arvit: 22:00pm (responsibility of the students) Mincha: in the Administration Building
Ein Kerem:
Synagogue in the Hadassah Medical Center
During Chanukah candle-lighting ceremonies are held in the Synagogue as well as by the Student Union 
 During Purim the Megillah is read in the Synagogue
Additional activities are sponsored by the Rothberg International School and Beit Hillel.
It is possible to obtain counseling on religious matters and/or a referral to rabbis who specialize in different areas. The Coordinator of Religious Affairs will help members of other religious faiths to receive counseling and instruction as needed.
 In general, the dining services and snack bars at the University are under the supervision of Kashrut supervisors from the regional Religious Council and the Rabbinate (except for the snack bars at the pools on Givat Ram and Mount Scopus and the Aroma café in the Goldsmith Building on Mount Scopus).
 Should you notice a room/classroom lacking a mezuzah or with a damaged mezuzah, please report the exact location to the call center.
From time to time organized Shabbatonim are held in various parts of the country. Participants sit together to eat the Shabbat meals, sing and listen to divrai Torah. Between the meals and prayer services, interesting inspirational activities are held.
Sometimes guest lecturers participate, as well.
Shabbatonim are designed to enable students to become acquainted with one another and to form a community, as well as to provide them with Jewish cultural content during their years on campus.
In addition, Shabbat/weekend programs are sometimes held in the student dorms.
The Chabad emissary, Yosi Iverat, is active on Shabbatot in the Scopus Student Village, tel: 02-5814353.
Torah Lessons
Various learning programs are held on the different campuses. Torah lessons are open to everyone, male and female, and are offered on a wide array of topics in the areas of Torah, Talmud, Halakha, Jewish Thought, and more.
Mt. Scopus 

Israel Pikarsh



Afikim/Rosh Yehudi
Edmond J.Safra(Givat Ram)

Israel Weizl


Mt. Scopus – in conjunction
with Beit Hillel
Rabbi Shimo Deutch

Friends (Haverim)
Mt. Scopus

Naama Klar


Tradition (Masoret)

Rabbi Schwartz


Kesher Yehudi / Standrash
Mt. Scopus

Rabbi Moshe Peretz


Want to learn as a pair in a havruta or small group?
  If you have a background in Judaism and wish to study intensively in a havruta … Or if you lack the background, but wish to deepen your knowledge of Judaism, yet feel that going it alone is too difficult… Contact us and we will find an experienced person to teach you at any level on any topic you choose. It is possible to contact us individually or with a small group (2-4 people).
Anyone interested in holding a celebration (brith mila, bar mitzah – putting on tefillin or an aliyah to the Torah, wedding) in the Synagogue must coordinate the event in advance.
Coordinator of Religious Affairs:
Arie Salomon
Office: near the Hecht Synagogue,
Mount Scopus, Humanities Building, Gush 3
Tel: 02-5883886,
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